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Monday, 22 January 2018



January 22nd is the day of Saint Vincent Martyr, patron saint of the city and its municipal area. Vincent was ordained deacon by the Bishop of Zaragoza. Chased by the Christians under the rule of Emperor Diocletian, he was captured in AD304 and taken to València to be tried. He did not give up his faith and he was therefore martyred, which made him a symbol for Christianisation.

On January 22nd, the actual celebrations are preceded by a popular recreation of his baptism with period characters. On the same day, there is a special service at the cathedral, followed by a procession in which several institutions of the city are represented together with the image of the Saint, parading along the sites of the martyrdom. Side events are held at Saint Vincent’s Chapel (Plaça de España), Saint Valerius’ Church (Russafa) and the Basilica of San Vicent de la Roqueta, where mass is read in Hispanic-Mozarabic tradition. Apart from the Council of València, entities such as Pila Baptismal de Sant Vicent Ferrer, Màrtir San Vicent de la Roqueta Brotherhood, the Tailors’ Guild, and the Ram de l'Agulla Brotherhood take part in the preparations, as Saint Vincent is also the patron saint of tailors. The València Bell Ringers’ Guild is in charge of the bells during the holiday and on the Eve.


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