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Wednesday, 17 January 2018



January 17th is the festivity of the patron saint and protector of animals.  On the evening of the 16th traditional bonfires are lit on Sagunt Street (Morvedre district). Organised by the brotherhoods of Saint Anthony, this festa was first celebrated the way we know it today in the mid19th century, with the blessing of farm animals. Saint Anthony is their patron, but pets are also present in the parade nowadays, and they are given a Saint Anthony medal too.

Carrer Sagunt in València is the venue of the festival. On a stage next to the Salesian School, three priests give their blessing to the animals. After the pets, the municipal mounted guards, in full-dress uniform, pay tribute to the Saint. They are followed by the National Mounted Police, horse-drawn carriages, and traditionally decorated carts carrying their amulets: a panet (a small loaf of bread), some carobs and a little picture of the Saint. The parade concludes with horsemen and horsewomen from the Horse-riding Societies competing for one of the trophies awarded by the Brotherhood. The day before the holiday, a porrat (traditional market set on the occasion of a religious festivity) is installed at Carrer Sagunt.


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