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Thursday, 03 May 2018



The legacy of the Christian celebration of the Holy Cross by the Church is on May 3rd and this holiday dates back to Roman times. In remembrance of the symbol that guided Emperor Constantine the Great to victory in a battle, (the Holy Cross found in Jerusalem by his mother, Saint Helen) crosses made with flowers are displayed in the squares and the streets at the beginning of May.

The tradition that gave way to these celebrations started when the juries of València decided to erect stone crosses to stake the boundaries of the city. During the 20th century many of these crosses were ornamented with flowers and spring motives. After the demolition of the city walls, artisanal crosses were put up as a memento.

Originally, the festa was held on May 1st but it was carried forward two days so as not to coincide with Labour Day. A contest has been organised since the 1940s and prizes are given to the best crosses. Falles groups, cultural associations, religious brotherhoods and other communities are the main characters in a colourful festival in early May.




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