The patron saint’s festivities take place in the second fortnight in August to pay homage to the Virgin of the Rosary. It usually begins with the entrada de la murta (carts decorated with flowers and garlands). Over the next three days, the famous corregudes de joies (horse races) are organised. Their origin can be tracked back to the late 18th century, when riders fought on their horses. The Virgin is honoured on Saturday and Sunday, with a procession accompanied by the clavaris and clavariesses. A mass takes place on Sunday in her honour. As well as this there is a mascletà, a parade, a procession, and fireworks. There are always popular meals offered, like typical rice dishes, walnut and raisin cakes, and watermelon.

Pinedo has other festivals too, like the Youth festa or Saint Anthony. The Youth festa is held on the occasion of the Immaculate Conception and Saint Raphael’s Day during the second fortnight in July. Young people throw a party on the sea promenade with dances, competitions, fancy dresses and a water castle. January 17TH is Saint Anthony’s Holiday when farm animals and pets are blessed.

And finally, Saint John’s Night is on June 23rd. People go to the beach in the evening to light bonfires. At midnight, they dip their feet in the water and make a wish. Then they jump over the bonfires.


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