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Saturday, 23 June 2018



In València, the summer solstice has been celebrated for some decades now. People meet up on the beaches all along the coast. In actual fact, it was already a tradition in seafront towns as people would go out and have dinner under the stars, followed by a night swim or the jumping of the waves. This ritual spread after the 750th anniversary of the conquest of the city, when people started to go to the beach and walk along the newly built promenade. Celebrations can be tracked back to the 19th century, when sea bathing became popular.

Today’s celebrations include bonfires made with wood provided by the council at specific sites. The ritual starts at midnight. You are supposed to jump the waves on the seashore. The holiday is also celebrated by the comissions falleres, which organise more than 200 street parties and even have their own bonfires. The groups of fallers near the Church of the Sants Joans participate in the religious celebrations, organising a procession with the image of Saint John in the city centre.

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