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Saturday, 03 February 2018



Saint Blaise (born in Armenia) was a physician well-known for his professional skill and his Christian virtues. He was appointed Bishop. Chased for being a Christian, legend has it that he helped and took care of wild animals in his escape until he was eventually captured. On the way to prison and martyrdom, he also healed a great many people. His best-known miracle is that of the boy who was choking on a fishbone, who was saved by the Saint.

In Russafa neighbourhood, Saint Blaise is celebrated on February 3rd. He is venerated by his followers at Saint Valerius’s Church and Saint Vincent’s Church for being the most popular protector against throat-related ailments. His processional image is displayed next to the temple, and his stole is worshipped. Coquetes de Sant Blai (Saint Blaise tarts) can be bought near the church. Inside, children are anointed with Saint Blaise oil on their throats. Bread is blessed and the image of the Saint is processioned all around the area.



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